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FULL LENGTH ALBUMS: (all lyrics posted HERE)

YEAR: 2012 Kero One – Color Theory
Release date: July 4, 2012Catalogue # P00014 Format: CD, MP3 UPC code: 859708313819 Buy Links: d
YEAR: 2010 Kero One – Kinetic World
kinetic world cdRelease date: June 22, 2010 Catalogue # P00013 Format: CD, MP3, LP UPC code: 844185084253 Buy Links: d
YEAR: 2009 Kero One – Early Believers
eb_cover_150 Release date: April 7, 2009 Catalogue # CDP00012 Format: CD, MP3 UPC code: 884501092654 Buy Links: d
YEAR: 2008 Kero One Presents: Plug Label
keroonepresents_orange_200Release date: July 24th 2007 Catalogue # CDP00009 Format: CD and Double LP, MP3 UPC code: 1-0484700012-1 Buy Links: buy-from-amazon
YEAR: 2006 Kero One – Windmills of the Soul
3198005138_d913ff2d89_mRelease date: February 7, 2006 Catalogue # CP00005 Format: CD and Double LP, MP3 UPC code: 8-3710110550-7 Buy Links: buy-from-amazon
YEAR: 2006 Kero One – Windmills of the Soul Instrumentals
windmills_instrumentals_150Release date: October 24, 2006 Catalogue # CDP00005 Format: CD and Double LP, MP3 UPC code: 8-3710139847-3 Buy Links:dbuy-from-amazon
YEAR: 2007 Kero One – In all the Wrong Places 12″
3197161029_3387c28be8Release date: Jan. 1st 2007 Catalogue # P00007 Format: 12″, MP3 UPC code: 7-2410188591-4 Buy Links:dbuy-twelveinch
YEAR: 2006 Plug Label Presents: Aloe Blacc 12″
3198005284_daf487d20a_mRelease date: Nov. 7th 2006 Catalogue # P00008 Format: 12″, MP3 UPC code: 7-2410188571-6 Buy Links:dbuy-twelveinch
YEAR: 2006 Kero One – Keep It Alive 12″
keepitaliveborder Release date: February 7th 2006 Catalogue # P00004 Format: 12″, MP3 UPC code: Buy Links:dbuy-twelveinch
YEAR: 2005 Kero One “My Story” 12″
mystory_japan_thumbb Release date: December 2005 Catalogue # PLP-6363 Format: 12″, MP3 UPC code: Buy Links:d Download iTunesSide A 1. My Story (Original Session) 2. My Story (Session Instrumental) Side B 3. My Story (DJ Mitsu Remix) 4. My Story (DJ Mitsu Instrumental) 5. Ain’t That Somethin’Notes: Plug Label / P-Vine Records Written and produced by Kero One. Remix by Dj Mitsu the Beats (Gagle / Jazzy Sport Productions).Artwork by die (Jazzy Sport Atelier / JAZZCATS)
YEAR: 2004 Kero One “Check the Blueprints” (King Most Remix) 12″
blueprints_remix_vinyl Release date: March 2004 Catalogue # PR P00002 Format: 12″, MP3 UPC code: Buy Links:Download iTunesSide A 1. Check the Blueprints (King Most Remix) Side B 2. Check the Blueprints (King Most Remix Instrumental)Notes: Written by Kero One. Remixed by Dj King Most. Limited for Japan Only to under 900 pressings.
YEAR: 2003 Kero One – “Check the Blueprints” 12″
blueprintsborderRelease date: August 2003 Catalogue # P00001 Format: 12″, MP3
Kero One Production Works: Talib Kweli – “Keep It In The Pockets” (Kero One Remix) (2008, Manhattan Records) Abstract Rude – “Hey Mom” (Kero One Remix) (2008) Rashaan Ahmad – “Here We Go” (2007) Surreal & DJ Balance – Future Classic LP (hiphopismusic 2006) Grand Puba of Brand Nubian – “1,2,3″ (Namasteez, 2004) Kero One Emcee Works: Epik High – Rocksteady (2009, Mapthesoul INC) Epik High – Map the Soul (worldwide version) (2009, Mapthesoul) Pe2ny – “Wake Up” (2008, Mnet/ CJ Korea) Dynamic Duo – “지구본 뮤직” (JiGooBon Music) (2008, Mnet / CJ Korea) Choice 37 – Diligence EP (2007) Lanu – This Is My Home LP (Tru Thoughts 2007)


  1. yo i bought your kinetic world cd a couple months ago and tis def. one of the heavy rotations these days.
    by the way, i have no idea where i could find the lyrics for them songs. can you share those lyrics if you dont mind??

  2. Kero your an inspiration man! Not just because you’re one of only a few artists I can count on two hands who’s album I’d buy without even listening to it first because I know how high you set the bench mark for consistently producing high quality music over the past 10 years, but very simply because you’ve chased your dream.
    I don’t want an artist to try and second guess what music they think people will like and make music they think people will buy like so many artists being played in the charts do. I want an artist to simply make music that they love, put themselves out there and hope that enough people like it too. The fact that artist’s such as your selves and People Under the stairs have refused to give up your creative freedom, integrity and stay committed to your musical philosophies and principles and still manage to get your music out there just shows the strength you have. It’s also an indicator of how messed up the music industry is when there is someone as talented as yourself who doesn’t get more support. I’m just a regular guy, doing a regular job, I don’t earn much but I want to give you all the money I can to ensure you keep doing what you were born to do. Keep making great music, keep smiling and keep living the dream. Your biggest fan from England.