Portishead – Roads (Kero One Remix)

“Back in the 90’s, kids like myself would gravitate towards bands like Portishead, particularly when we wanted to take a break from hip hop. Since the drums were dirty and the sounds and singing were soulful, it gave us that familiar hiphop vibe while being something totally different.

Now, Portishead’s style and influence can be heard all over Soundcloud and modern music. 20 years later, its safe to say they were a legendary group who led the way for “trip hop”, fusing hiphop, electronic, and soul music in rare form. For Portishead’s 20 year anniversary, I wanted to re-feature their work with a remix of one of their quintessential tracks. Since the original version of “Roads” uses sparse instrumentation, I thought I could add a fuller dimension to the track while still allowing the lead vocalist – Beth Gibbons – to remain the focus. In the end, I hope this remix renews interest in Portishead among listeners who aren’t familiar with the sound they pioneered. Enjoy.” – Kero One

Kendrick Lamar – B*tch Don’t Kill My Vibes (Kero One Remix)

“The vibraphone, a.k.a. the “vibes” is without a doubt one of my favorite instruments. Not only for its obscurity, but the “vibes” sound is warm, beautiful, and slightly dark at the same time. It was used in a lot of jazz recordings decades ago, sampled in the 90’s by hiphop artists (i.e. Tribe, Big L, Common) but is rarely used in modern music today. When I first heard the original “Bitch don’t kill my vibe” track, I thought the Tiden Flyver sample was done very well but thought it would be cool if Kendrick actually used “vibes” in the production. So here it is, a music nerds play on words come to life. Btw, I’m not trying to outclass the original, but instead refresh the song with a new sound, or vibe, if you will. :) Enjoy.” – Kero One

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Kendrick Lamar – Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibes (Kero One Remix)

Outkast – Roses (Kero One remix) 2014

OUTKAST – Roses (Kero One Remix 2014) *NEW* by KeroOne

To celebrate the recent 20th-anniversary reunion of Outkast, I decided to pull out this Roses remix I did back in 2007 and re-remix it for 2014. With all my original instrumentation in-tact, I programmed in some new drums and re-engineered everything to make it more dynamic for the dance-floor.  Thankyou for your continued support. Free 320 kbps mp3 download for my fb fans. 


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D’Angelo – Spanish Joint (Kero One remix) *FREE download*

Maseo of #DeLaSoul (one of the groups that changed my life) tweeted my new D’Angelo remix. I ain’t mad yo, i ain’t mad.





The D’angelo remix I did for those that haven’t heard it:
D’Angelo – Spanish Joint (Kero One Remix) *NEW* by KeroOne


Kero One’s new remix of Daft Punk get’s solid reviews from  capitalextra, earmilk, & fistintheair: