1. Hi!!
    I’m a big fan of you and wanted to know when will show you here in Brazil! Please do not delay!!!!

  2. Your music is the best, absolutely the dopest !! Love your new release

    Come to the Netherlands !!!!!!!


  3. I LOOOVEEE your music and your voice is amazing. It would be great if you could come tour in Australia!! PLEASE! 😀


  4. I LOVE your music and your voice is amazing! It would be great if you could come to Australia!! Please!!! 😀


  5. I ABSOLUTELY ADORE YOUR MUSIC! Please come to canada!!

  6. Hey man i really like your music. I know you’re based up in San Francisco, I’m from Santa Rosa. It’d be really sweet if sometime you could come up and do a show at the Pheonix in Petaluma. Thanks for reading kero

  7. Would you ever come to the UK?? Your music is amazing!! Love it soo much 🙂

  8. Come in lyon, France man!! We love your music!!

    Big up!

  9. Hey guy :)), must you come to the Czech Republic, Prague!!! :))

  10. Hey man, love you music man. Absolutely amazing.
    Any thoughts on coming to australia for some shows?

  11. I just saw your video and you are AWESOME.Can’t wait til you come to Michigan..Keep jamming

  12. hey man, you need to have some SAX! in (at least) one of your tunes!!! when are you comming to salt lake city? let me know! blessings yo!

  13. Hi…

    please come to Germany…many fans wait 😀

  14. Yeah, come to Europe, please !! Preferably to Poland :))) I would looove to listen to you live! I see that many other people are looking forward to it,too :)))

  15. We would love to have you perform in Salt Lake City, Utah sometime! Been listening to Windmills while skiing and snowboarding all season. Perfect music.

  16. Just discovered on SPotify : this is GREAT GREAT STUFF. It makes my day.
    When do you come to Paris France ? COntact me if you want some organization help/

  17. You should come to France, Paris : many fans there!
    I love your music!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Orlando, FL! That would be the greatest thing ever! 😀

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