1. I would like to discuss some shows online radio and digital distribution as well as manufacturing and physical distribution possibilities if you have some time

  2. what´s up? First of all congratulations on your music, sounds great!
    I’m doing my third album and I would like to know if there is any way I can have a beat yours.
    That would be perfect and if you want to taste in the song much better course.
    I do not write much because I’m using the translator and not if it means well.
    I really would love to do this collaboration, I hope to tell me something, OK?

    Greetings from Spain.

    Carlos Talavera



  3. Hey Kero One, I linked to Youtube and got hooked to to your tracks. Your fusion is amazing! You also tellin stories with your music and I find it refreshing. I do Jazz vocals myself and I find myself stylin to your music. Thanks for the Great music and keep on going.

  4. Hello Kero One!

    I’m not a DJ or a producer, but an honest fan.
    Hiphop was a little agressive for me until I came across your music. It’s really lovely.

    Where do you get your inspiration?
    Any chance I can see you in Korea?

    Love your music!


  5. Sup Kero ! I’m a big fan and I did a rendition of When The Sunshine Comes for my free mixtape and I would love for you to hear it !

    It’s on my Reverb Nation Page called ” All Sunshine”
    Keep doin what you do. You inspire all of us indie’s to keep goin!


  6. Yo Kero,
    Long time since i last talked with ya man, I’m still rockin that demo flash site in my portfolio that I made after your “Windmills of the Soul” release.

    I knew you were golden as soon as i heard Windmills man!

    Keep up all the awsome work, I’ll definitely be getting Kinetic World when i can scrap some cash up.

    Keep it real man,

  7. Hey Kero, My name is Jovi, I go by Ill P. I’m a struggling rap artist with a very radical mindset on things. I was born and raised in the one and only San Francisco’s Mission District. Your music is so very inspirational, the vibe catches me more then a lot of hip hop now a days, and the fact that your from here just spikes the interest. I could only hope to reach your caliber in music, I haven’t even really gotten a chance to jump start my music but i am trying. I would love to meet you one day and discuss how you got where you are now. Stay Ill and Free. One Love.



  9. What’s up,
    I have a research paper for an English class and I’m thinking about writing on some aspects of Kero One. I have a list of questions to ask so that I can write an effective paper. If I can get my questions through, this will definitely help with exposing Kero One to a wider audience because a presentation will be required in class. Please let me know via email if Kero One or a qualified person will be able to answer my questions.

  10. Hey dude! I just recently found out about you, well, I’ve heard some of your stuff for a couple of years or so at my friends house, but either I would get distracted & forget to ask the artist name of the cool song we were listening to or sometimes , when I DID ask, my friend would just smile at me & not say anything just to mess with me, hahaha! Or if I tried to look at his computer screen & see for myself who was playing he would quickly cover the artists name with his hand, again, just to drive me crazy! 🙂 Anyways, he was DJing a week ago & I was standing right next to him, & since he was too busy keeping an eye on the turntables & his laptop, I was finally able to catch you’re name! HOORAY!!!! So now I, of course, FINALLY know 1 of the artists he’s been hiding from me LOL!! Also, I am EXTREMELY desperately curious to know where you got the “hey” voice sample that you used on “I never thought that we” (it hits at between 45 & 50 seconds into the song)??? I’ve only heard this 1 other time back in the early 90s (& I don’t remember what song it was in), but its always been stuck in my head & I really want a copy of it!! PLEASE, good Sir, I beg of thee!! Thanks 4 taking the time 2 read through all this, and I hope you are doing well.

  11. Hello man!

    Congrats for yor musics!
    I’m from Brazil and wanna buy some of your vinyl records.

    Is possible to you send me a signed copy?


  12. I’m a student at Kansas State University. I’m a huge fan of your work and whenever i write my papers, essays, or just for my own stuff and enjoyment (I’m an English Major) It’s always to your stuff!!!

    You are one of my favorite Artists Ever!!!

    Just a fan saying thanks,

    Aaron Turner

  13. I love your music and will like to know if you got any plans to perform in Dallas TX it will be awesome te see you on stage

  14. I like your sound I am trying to put together my 1st video premiere and would like you guys to come check it out or just check it out on you tube.(I will send you the link as soon as I release it) I am in the bay area and if you would like to work on some tracks, let me know. I think you guys have a cool style



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